A Digital Asset Company

We are exploring the benefits digital assets can provide, such as improving efficiency, transparency, and in creating a more open, democratised financial system.


Digax Exchange


Digax Exchange is our main product focus and provides a secure, transparent, reliable and compliant spot market for the exchange of digital assets.
Trade popular cryptocurrencies
Buy and sell some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.
Store your crypto securely
We operate a 100% cold storage deposit policy.
Transact with local currency
We're working on providing fiat support, starting with GBP.

Digax Invest


Digax Invest is focusing on using DLT to make traditional financial instruments and investing, more efficient, transparant and reliable. We're starting with shares in UK private companies.
Invest in start-ups
We will offer a number of different investment opportunities, focusing on SMEs.
Raise capital
If you're an entrepreneur you can use our platform to perform a raise.
Compliance focused
As always, we ensure our products abide by all applicable law.

Digax is located and has been incorporated in the UK

One Account, Many Products.


All Digax products interact via one central account system known as Digax Core which enables seamless access to all our products with one account. Digax Core also allows you to perform critical account functions all in one place.
Change your password, 2FA and other security related details.
Fund management
Manage the funds on your account for use across all products.
Account verification
Complete our AML/KYC related checks and investor verification.
If you're an entrepreneur you can use our platform to perform a raise.
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